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Barcelona Primavera Sound 2013

May 23, 2013


Comes a new edition of Primavera Sound 2013 in Barcelona and with it a large number of groups attending to fill the one-year poster presents very interesting.

Primavera Sound is one of the biggest music festivals held each year in May in the city of Barcelona. Since its inception the festival has focused on showcasing new music from independent groups and contrasted with artists within the music industry. It makes a large number of people come every year to have the opportunity to see their favorite artists.

The first edition of Primavera Sound was closed with a audience of 9000 people and has been increasing year by year until the 74000 that attended the last edition of 2012.

The Primavera Sound also makes the city of Barcelona is filled with people from different countries around the world, making it a great tourist attraction not only for the festival, but also for hotels, restaurants and visits to important monuments of the city . Without going further today the resorts in the area are at a 80% capacity, although it is expected that these days it can reach 95%, leaving the city of Barcelona in a good time of activity Desk.

This new edition of Primavera Sound 2013 will feature renowned artists and groups such as Animal Collective, Four Tet, Tame Impala, Manel or Blur.

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