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Book Bed and Breakfast in Barcelona

June 26, 2013


If you are looking for ways to make a reservation at a bed and breakfast in Barcelona, in this article I explain the options you can choose to book a room in aand Bed and Breakfast The8.

Through The8 website:

There are already many people who have booked through our website, but then we detail the steps so you can have greater confidence when making a reservation.

  1. Login to our website THE8 Bed and Breakfast Barcelona.
  2. At the top are going to be able to display a menu where you can add the reservation data for which you are interested in booking our Bed and Breakfast (Day of arrival at the hotel, check-out day and number of people that will be housed during the time period you have chosen.).Book Bed and Breakfast in Barcelona
  3. After the second step and have clicked on the button “SEARCH“, A new window will appear where you are going to be able to add the type of room you please reserve (Single or Double). Automatically appear costing IVA on the amount that you should pay in later steps.THE8 Bed and Breakfast Barcelona
  4. With the price calculated and clicking on the button “BOOK“, will appear a second screen where you will have to add your personal details, such as Name, Surname, Country of your origin, phone and email contact, Passport / ID card / Driving license / CIF number and estimated arrival time to our Bed and Breakfast.Bed and Breakfast Booking Form
  5. Then we will be able to see the data entered in the previous section and we will also choose the form of payment for our reservation … PayPal / Credit Card / Bank Transfer.Accept booking The8

With these 5 simple steps and we will have made the reservation for our stay in Bed and Breakfast The8 few minutes and receive email confirmation of our reservation. For any changes you can always contact us by phone and / or email. (Contacto)

Through Booking.com

We know that many of you are accustomed to make reservations to hotels by Booking portal, which is why to maintain your trust we also service so you can make the reservation by this means in simple steps.

  1. Will access directly to the page The8 Bed and Breakfast Booking where besides choosing our reservation data you can also see photos, reviews and customer reviews.Bed and Breakfast Barcelona in Booking
  2. At the top of the screen we will be able to click on the button “Book Now” and after a small scroll of the screen directly we will be able to choose the date of entry and exit.THE8 book Booking
  3. After choosing our stay we give you the option to choose the type of room that most interested us (Single and / or Double), appearing this way we fill the form with personal data that indicates… Name, Last Name, Telephone, E-MailBed and Breakfast Booking
  4. Now all we will choose how we want to pay for the days you have chosen and within minutes you will receive an email with all the booking details of The8 Bed and Breakfast.

Now yes we will have achieved booking through our Booking Portal Bed and Breakfast. In any case this option will always give you the ability to modify or cancel the reservation you have created or if you prefer contacting us through our website.

Through the portal tripadvisor.es

In the same way that we discussed above is also possible to make a reservation to The8 Bed and Breakfast with a few simple steps using the Tripadvisor website.

  1. Will access directly to the page The8 in Tripadvisor where we will be able to see all the features of The8, images that have been uploaded and all customers reviews and ratings of service and overall stay.Book Tripadvisor Bed and Breakfast
  2. At the moment on the same page choose the days you want to be that we will see a button that will take us to complete the booking by Booking page, proceeding to perform the steps we have already discussed in the previous section.

As mentioned, through Trip Advisor we will also be able to modify or cancel.

We encourage that after spending your stay in Bed and Breakfast The8 leave us comments with your experience and photos with the corner that has called more attention to our hotel.

For any questions of the steps discussed above, do not hesitate to put yourself in contact us.

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