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Breakfast Bed and Breakfast

July 5, 2013


Breakfast at THE 8 Bed and Breakfast, one of our points to consider:

One of our most mighty and we give special importance is breakfast. It is for this reason that all foods we offer are of high quality, mostly native Catalan, giving great importance to the famous Mediterranean diet.

We all know that if we follow a Mediterranean diet breakfast is quite difficult, especially because the pattern of life that we usually take today.

In The8 Bed and Breakfast you put it on the table and knowing the importance and benefits of the Mediterranean diet will serve breakfast favoring this style of cooking.

That variety of foods is our Bed and Breakfast?

Bed and Breakfast Barcelona

Starting from a natural juice glass of artisan jam El Querol, but also a variety of fruits, coffees, cereals, yoghurts and sausages every morning Catalans make it special in The8.

Breakfast Bed and Breakfast

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