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Decoration THE 8 Bed and Breakfast

May 16, 2013

Today we talk about the great job you did decorating Luzio in our Bed & Breakfast. Luzio is one of those places in which the decoration is considered as a revolution, in which there are no decorating rules, leaving the typical pattern, in which each object has a value that you must have and no more.

This company located in Barcelona, led by Maximilian and Maria Jose, also specializes in the sale of objects considered each a part of history, so the contemplate is synonymous with being, harmony and relaxation.
Luzio Bed and Breakfast

Luzio was born in 2006, being one of the most attractive of the Catalan capital, both for the uniqueness of its appearance and its fantastic offers each of the articles in which it is part. In more than 800m2, dedicated to art, music and culture, represented by each of your articles, which refer to different countries, past and present, but always fulfilling the common goal discretismo in each of its parts .

In THE 8 Bed and Breakfast Barcelona had the good fortune to decorate each of our 8 rooms each different articles, whether furniture, objects and small details that make the site a unique place, escaping the typical decoration that we are accustomed to behold. All this creates a striking and unique site, always reinforcing the convenience of our customers, being a space which will be hard to forget.
Bed and Breakfast BarcelonaLuzio The8 B&BTHE 8 Bed and breakfast

You can visit the website of Luzio and contemplate each of his works of art.

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