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The Revetlla de Sant Joan in Barcelona

June 20, 2013


The Revetlla de Sant Joan is a popular celebration in Catalonia is performed on 23 and 24 June, which coincides which is the shortest night of the year because of the summer solstice. The revetlla of Sant Joan is also known as “Night of Fire” or “Night of the Witches” and its origin is not too clear, finding a myriad of opinions about such as a pre-Christian pagan origin or that it is more distant night on Christmas day and that is why it is said that the devil is happy and bonfires burning all celebrate it.

The Sant Joan revetlla besides being very typical for the lighting of bonfires, also known by the cuisine, being well known coca de Sant Joan, bread made of candied fruit Pessic and accompanied by a glass of champagne.

La coca de Sant Joan

Very traditional is that the little ones enjoy the lighting of flares and firecrackers by petar bomblets or accompanied by light sources and color, making each of the cities in which insurance is the noisiest night of the year.

Without doubt one of the festivals that are celebrated in Catalonia that you can not miss.